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Welcome to Vaughnshire Farm.  Pull up a rocking chair and visit with us for a spell.  We hope you’ll enjoy as we share our stories of life and our view of the world around us.  It is our desire that you’ll find encouragement, be challenged in your thinking, and be motivated to give glory to God in all things.

The Vaughn’s


  • Lisa Hooper says:

    Dear Vaughn Family, it’s Lisa Hooper from LA. Oh, how I dream of having a family blog of a farmhouse one day! I just saw your website on the Family Integrated website. I was wondering if you ever sold your house and I guess you did! Congratulations on the new farm! Thank you again for letting us stay in your home! I find your articles interesting and helpful. Keep them coming…..

  • Regina 2 says:

    My son-in-law came across your place a while back and sent me the address but I have just now tonight had a chance to sit a spell and visit with you. I must say it is so nice to meet you all! You have a beautiful family and I have enjoyed my visit at Vaughnshire Farm. I invite you to come a visit with us at Skeeter Creek Farm when you have a chance.

  • Miss Mary says:

    I am so so sorry for posting again, but I have to say , what a beautiful family you are. It is so nice to meet all of you. God has truly blessed you.
    Have a wonderful week-end
    God Bless
    Miss Mary

  • fermenator says:

    I heard your family story on “Inherit the Land” from Franklin Springs. I find myself on a similar journey to inherit the land, but I am almost to the point of giving up in a discouraging defeat. Having been a Corporate IT cube dweller for nearly 15 years, I am finding myself lost at how to “extract” myself from the trap I am in. I sure could use a word of encouragement to help keep my chin up.

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