Comment Guidelines

Apparently in a fallen world everything needs rules, so here are the Vaughnshire rules for comments:

  1. You must login.  Sorry too much SPAM and hate mail.  Hey, it only consist of an e-mail address, a password, and if you want, a link to your site.  If you don’t have the courage to put your name to it, it probably wasn’t worth saying anyway.  And no, we do not use the generic wordpress log-in, it must be a Vaughnshire login. 
  2. Your login is yours, we do not use them for anything other than giving you access to make comments on our site.
  3. Your comment must add value to the site.  We publish this site to encourage and challenge others to go to the Bible for their answers on everything.  If your post does not lend itself to that overall goal, we withhold the right to deny delete, remove, or otherwise nuke your comment.
  4. Your comment should come from a spirit of kindness and humility.  We don’t mind disagreements, but they should be managed in such a way as to glorify Christ.  If there is a post that you disagree with and you don’t understand the reasoning behind it, please fill free to ask.  If you don’t agree with a post and you just want to post so that we know there are people that disagree with us – don’t.  We know that.  Refer to Rule Number 3.
  5. If you have a disagreement and you don’t just want to let us know you disagree, but you think the Bible disagrees with us.  Please don’t leave without posting your concern.  Our heart is to re-examine every area of our lives and the culture around us, in light of what scriptures says.  A humble reference to scripture is always welcome at Vaughnshire.  However, a prideful misuse of scripture because you just want to let us know you disagree with us will be denied, deleted, removed, or just plain nuked.  Refer to Rule Number 3.
  6. Who made us the judge of your use of scripture?  We did.  It’s our site remember?  If we sense the heart behind the message is haughty or prideful, it’ll be nuked.  If we think you wrongly applying scripture, we reserve the right to tell you so, just because we disagree with you and want to make sure you know someone disagrees with you.  Hey, we paid for the site we make the rules.
  7. If you disagree with the rules and choose to break them, refer to Rule Number 3.  If you really disagree with our rules and you want to strike back, get your own blog and setup your own rules.  We’ll respect them if we come to visit your site, please do the same for us.
  8. Refer to Rule Number 3.


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