.35 cent sample seed packages

A friend of ours passed along this information to us about where to get .35 cent sample seed packages.  Here’s the link to Le Jardin Du Gourmet.  You can print … Continue Reading →

Upcoming Fall Ramblings

Ever feel like you fell off the wagon 3 miles back and have been running behind its dust trail trying to catch back up with it?  Or feel like the … Continue Reading →

Gardening Roots

I use to think our garden spot was a big garden spot.  However, after seeing some of the gardens around here and realizing the reality of what it actually takes … Continue Reading →

Town Home Gardening

Don’t despair if you live in town and want a garden…You can still have a great, productive garden!  We planted our very first garden during our first year of marriage.  … Continue Reading →

One of our favorite catalogs…

Have you received your Seed Savers catalog yet?  We highly recommend them!  This catalog is a favorite around here and one we have been perusing the last couple of weeks…. … Continue Reading →

Black Walnuts

If only I had endless energy and time, I could do a lot with all the black walnuts around here.    Here are just a few that the kids picked up.  … Continue Reading →