De-Horning Update

So far Chessnut still has horns… although they are loose.  The banding appears to be working as planned, with a couple minor draw backs.  First, she cut milk production by about … Continue Reading →

They are so cute!

Well, she had TWINS!!!  We are all very excited and thrilled that the final ewe to lamb had twins!  They are doing well and we let them out of the … Continue Reading →

Chicken Saga…

The guys have been putting together a larger chicken tractor to house our white leghorn chickens.  In order to keep them separated from the other farm chickens and give them … Continue Reading →

Turkey in our back yard

The guys butchered 2 turkeys today.  They had some help from some of our friends.  One of our sons bought 5 turkeys earlier this year.  We had two of them … Continue Reading →

Young Men in Coveralls

We love the word “work” around here, some more than others… These young men put in a big man’s size day full of work on the farm gathering wood and … Continue Reading →