Conversations with Our Children

It’s a busy time…farming and home schooling and livin’ life.  We’ve had a full Fall already with difficult funerals and happy weddings.  We’ve tried to slow down.  I’m beginning to think … Continue Reading →

Guernsey Giants

One of our boys read an article outloud to the family this morning about cow gestation and how to tell impending labor.  It was quite informational and much more interesting … Continue Reading →

This Animal…

  7 year old is surveying the damage and replanting the overturned grass. What happened to our pasture? Our children like to play a game called, “This Animal….”.  You go on … Continue Reading →

Autumn 2009: The Burning Bush

Autumn is in full swing here.  We are having a hard time believing that winter is fast approaching.  We are not ready.    We’re still learning all the important seasonal things your supposed … Continue Reading →

Bow Making

 More on this later… but wouldn’t it be fun to make your own weapons from your own land?

Upcoming Fall Ramblings

Ever feel like you fell off the wagon 3 miles back and have been running behind its dust trail trying to catch back up with it?  Or feel like the … Continue Reading →

And a new baby lamb…

We were all pleasantly surprised to find out that we also had a new baby lamb born on the farm today.  This ewe had problems with her last birth earlier … Continue Reading →

The cat who pulled feathers…

Evidently, the farm boy knows more about his barn cat than we thought!  After breakfast, the little farm boy noticed the barn cat meowing at the back door.  He went … Continue Reading →