Ice Weather

We are very thankful the temperatures are supposed to be pulling up into the 40’s tomorrow!!!   We’re wondering if that is going to happen! We’ve enjoyed the winter wonderland.  We … Continue Reading →

Winter Thoughts

My, how quickly late fall turned into the full force winter we are in right now.  I took this picture about 7 weeks ago…when we had some fall color left … Continue Reading →

Conversations with Our Children

It’s a busy time…farming and home schooling and livin’ life.  We’ve had a full Fall already with difficult funerals and happy weddings.  We’ve tried to slow down.  I’m beginning to think … Continue Reading →

This Animal…

  7 year old is surveying the damage and replanting the overturned grass. What happened to our pasture? Our children like to play a game called, “This Animal….”.  You go on … Continue Reading →

The cat who pulled feathers…

Evidently, the farm boy knows more about his barn cat than we thought!  After breakfast, the little farm boy noticed the barn cat meowing at the back door.  He went … Continue Reading →

The Chicken Cow Cat

Our 6 year old came in the house a few days ago with an important farm announcement concerning our barn cat.  Missy Mouser is definitely pregnant!  She has a big … Continue Reading →