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This is a simple post to commemorate a huge event, the purchase of Vaughnshire Farm.  On this day, April 5th 2007, the Vaughn Family has found a farm to call home.  By God’s grace and His good pleasure we hope to stay here for generations to come.

Every since Beth and I married, we have searched for a simpler life.  We just wanted a little bit of land to raise a family and perhaps a garden… a small place that could serve as the launching pad for the ministry God has called us to.  Of course during this time, our understanding of that ministry has been broadened and deepened.  In fact you could say it has been expanded to encompass multiple generations.  But that is not the only aspect of our life that matured.

As God continued to bless our family with more children, we found the culture we live in, makes it very difficult to raise a large Christian family.  Living in the feedlot housing of most residential neighborhoods, even a nice feedlot neighborhood, still posed more challenges than it provided solutions.  It also provided no opportunities for children to mature and grow by contributing to the household.  After all there is only so much work they can put their hands to each day in the city.

As our understanding of ministry matured and we realized we are to glorify God with our life, our family, and everything that he gives us, we began to see that moving to a farm was not a means of retreat, but more of a short term cultural succession with a view toward long term dominion.

There is much more to the Christian life than just a prayer of salvation.  There is actually a life that needs to be lived out in a biblical fashion.  The context, indeed the very foundation for living this life, is within the family structure.  This is what we desire to do as we intentionally move from the city life and prepare our children for their place in the world and to lay the groundwork for future generations to labor together.

This will encompass a huge effort on our part as a family.  It will require a different economy than we currently live in both as a family and as a nation.  It will be an interesting journey to say the least.  But it will be one with one objective in mind.  To glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and to enjoy Him for ever.


  • Trish Lingo says:

    Hello Vaughn Family,
    We saw y’all getting on I-40 today in Dickson. We were on our way back from a visit to Windy Acres Farm to learn a little about their cow share program. We’ve just acquired our first milk cow from them. She’s a bred heifer due to calve in March! Any advice for newbies? We’d appreciate all of it we can get! We don’t know if we’ll ever go into this in a big way. But Brayden Apple at Windy Acres inspired Jacob to give it a try, so here he is.
    Are y’all keeping warm and cozy over there? I’m enjoying the cold, rainy weather as it’s given me a little time to slow down and sleep later!
    I don’t think I have your proper email address. I noticed that my MailChimp account “cleaned” y’all off my list. I was sending your newsletter to Beth.
    I always enjoy reading your blog, I just rarely feel that I have the time to comment. We miss seeing y’all!
    Trish (on behalf of all the Lingo Clan)

  • PaulTN says:

    Hi Trish,
    We still get your email on my account and I saw the announcement on the milk coop – congratulations! I’ve been working on pulling together some of our posts on milking and will send you all I know – which is not much on the vast scale of dairy knowledge. It’s kind of like computers, the more you know, the more you find out you don’t know. 🙂
    I spoke for a long time last summer with Debbie over at Windy Acres they are very helpful. The other resource is the Farm to consumer folks, which you may already be familiar with from the CSA. They have some great resources. http://www.ftcldf.org/
    Of course if Jacob has any questions or if you guys ever need any help, just let me know.

  • So very exciting to see others responding to the Lord leading them to live more simply, more purposefully, for Him.
    Can’t help but wonder if we are kinfolk, or just kindred spirits.
    Bryant & Tonia Vaughn

  • Future Homesteader says:

    Bryant Vaughn,
    My wife and I saw your piece in the Inherit the Land video.  My wife and I are so anxious to raise our family in this type of environment.  My biggest hurdle is just getting started.  Finding land…paying for the land…and providing for my family while I learn how to farm.  I’m sure you had some of these same concerns when you were making your decision to leave the industrial world for the simplier way of life.  Any advice you would be willing to offer?
    Look forward to reading your blog.  Grateful to have found it.
    -Jeff Jackson

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