Growing Piglets

The piglets are growing fast….and have tried our patience more than once since they have arrived.  All the bad manners and character traits that pigs are known for have become all the more real to us.  

Don’t eat like a pig…  Your room looks like a pigsty…  He’s hogging all my toys…

Pigs do not have any manners whatsoever.  They are a creature we can learn from for sure.  They are messy, rude, selfish, gluttonous and our pigs are thieves and escape artists and incredibly difficult to catch. 

While we do enjoy fresh farm raised pork, we’ve learned that raising pork takes patience and long suffering.  We’re looking forward to getting this group of pigs turned into pork!  Next time, well employ electric fencing earlier and be more proactive in training them to electric shock! 

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