The last 6 weeks

I’m in the last part of my pregnancy.  It’s been a brutal hot summer although we are thankful it hasn’t been hot with a drought.  At least we have been getting rain even if we do have high humidity levels…at least everything is still green and growing!  It’s always a challenging time for me when I am carrying around about 30 extra pounds, can hardly breathe and can’t see my feet….oh yeah, and with 8 other children running around.  However, we’re off to a good start with the month of August and hope to see lots of progress in preparing for the baby to arrive in September. 

The kids are very excited about the new baby.  My rambunctious 2 year old takes special time out of his busy day to come sit by me and pat my belly gently…occasionally offering the baby a kiss.  My 9 year old made an unsolicited, loving comment to me the other day on how I must be getting close to having the baby because I “look just like the sheep do right before they give birth.”   That was nice to know 😉

We are hoping to get some new blog posts up soon about some of the happening things here on the farm. 

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  • Holly says:

    6 weeks left! Yay! Well, probably more like 5 now 🙂 I think I have a boy or two that could say something like that! Haha! Just yesterday my 9 year old told me I looked “awkward” in my new tennis shoes…..??!?  We’ll be praying that you have a healthy delivery and baby. Can’t wait for the pictures! Take care and put your feet up 😉