Summer Heat, Swimming and the Milk Cow

We’ve had a break from the summer heat this week.  I’m hoping it isn’t going to get as hot as it was.  The humidity and the heat and me being pregnant weren’t very enjoyable.  I found myself walking right back inside to the air conditioning and being very thankful for the cool air.  I have no desire to live without air conditioning!

I wish I was in a condition to be working on a Fall garden.  However, I’ve given up on the idea and turned my focus to getting my house organized and prepared for the birth.  I’ll think about gardening and flowers and all the wonderful outdoors work that I love later. 

Our boys, however, have spent a considerable amount of time in the summer heat working on the farm.  They’ve been running fence wire to contain animal in new grassy paddocks.  Hopefully soon, we will decrease our cow and pig population soon as we take a bunch of them to the butcher this Fall. 

The younger ones have enjoyed swimming in the little plastic swimming pool in the back yard.  We had an interesting incident the other day when the girls were swimming one afternoon.  I heard them screaming and yelling and found them very upset at our friendly milk cow, May.  She had found her way to the back yard and noticed the nice cool water the girls were playing in.  She proceeded to drink the swimming pool water and didn’t mind a bit that the girls were very upset about the situation.

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