How to castrate a pig ?

If you have a farm, you might someday have a pig.  If you have a pig, you might someday have more pigs?  If you have a herd of pigs, chances are you might need to know how to castrate your own pig?  or at least know someone who knows how to do that!

We started with just having one pig at a time, until last year when we decided to try out 3 pigs.  Those pigs multiplied and this year we will be offering farm raised pork later this fall. 

Pigs are super cute when they are born, but escapee piglets quickly become quite the farm pest.  In my opinion, they rank up there with ornery goats.  Maybe I’m tainted in my opinion of pigs because of my own experience with them recently, but once one or more pigs invade your garden and eat your plants and garden produce and steal your chicken eggs, it’s hard to really like them.  At least with the pigs, I know I’ll get paid back in sausage and ham one day. 

We had a momma pig have 5 piglets a little while ago and if we were good farmers, we would have castrated the boars when they were just days old.  However, we neglected to take care of that early on but decided that the two boars we have needed to be castrated before they grew any bigger. 

With my husband in town working, our two older boys, who are 12 and 14 years old, had several “taking care of business” farm chores to do this week.  One of those items on the list was castrating the rams and boars.  After our morning meeting, I sent them out to take care of the animals, along with their two younger brothers for backup support. 

Sorry, no pictures of the actual process…I wasn’t about to go document the process.   They had helped their dad on the cows, sheep and another pig, so I hoped they could figure it out by themselves.  My husband assured me they could do it.  An hour later, they came back in the house looking like they had just butchered the pig by the look of their clothing, however, they assured me the pig was fine and their backup support almost fainted so they didn’t need their “help” with the after lunch lineup of sheep. 

Later on that day, I was in the kitchen preparing supper and opened up the refrigerator drawer to find a nice reminder that I’m a mom of farm boys:

I’m serious when I say that as a mom of 5 boys, I still don’t get it.  Whether it’s spitting on the clothes iron to see if it’s hot enough, consistently trying the laws of gravity or putting pig testicles inside my refrigerator, boys continue to challenge and confuse me. 

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