Beef, Lamb and Pork Coming in the Fall

The boys finished up castrating the rams and pigs today.  It really amazes me how young men can work and produce when given the challenge to do so.  We are looking forward to all the beef, lamb and pork later on in the fall…and yes, we will be selling a lot of our farm raised meat.  We’ve really been able to see significant growth in the lambs, cows and pigs this summer.  Though it has been very hot lately, we have had some rain to keep the fields green and brush growing. 

This year we have maxed out our pasture land and have been making efforts to clear some wooded areas to make new pasture land to expand our grazing areas with the increase in our animals.  It’s a very slow process.  We are looking forward to the fall and winter to give us the opportunity to work in the cleared wooded areas and hopefully get some fencing, gates up and watering infrastructure figured out. 

There is lots of firewood to be gathered, which we plan on starting soon.  If only more hours in the day….

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