Drinking raw milk while pregnant ??

Contrary to what many people believe, all milk is not created equal!   After using conventional milk, pasteurized organic milk, pasteurized non-homogenized milk and raw milk and visiting a wide variety of dairy operations from conventional to grass-based as well as running our own small dairy operation, I can definitely say there is a huge difference.  Now that we have our own raw milk resource, I’m fully a raw milk convert.   Now realizing that raw milk is difficult to find, I’m very sympathetic to those who would rather have real milk choices but are stuck with conventional milk for the time being.  It’s a difficult switch to make for a lot of people just because of the ridiculous restrictions put on family farmers producing raw milk which make raw milk a rare find in many parts of the country.  There aren’t many raw milk dairy farmers around!

One question I get asked alot from people who know that I’m a farm wife, is if I drink my own raw milk when I am pregnant!?!  At first the question seems a little obvious, but then maybe not with all the raw milk scare tactics from the media and mega-factory farming corporations. 

Yes, I do drink my own raw milk when I am pregnant.  Shocking, I know to some…but once you read and educate yourself on the facts about real milk, it’s not so shocking drinking raw milk while pregnant.  In fact, while I am pregnant and breastfeeding, I take extra special care to make sure that I get more milk, eat more raw butter and use more raw cream.  I can feel the difference that the real food makes when I consume it.  As a pregnant mother, I have no reservations about consuming raw milk and giving it to my children to drink.  Yes, even my little ones regularly have fresh milk.  My older boys love to guzzle down cup fulls of raw cream and make raw milk whipped cream for toppings on a variety of foods. 

The milk we currently drink is from our 3 year old Guernsey cow named May.  We milk her once a day.  The rest of the day she is eating grass, licking up free-choice minerals, drinking the spring water and resting in the shade of the trees living the life of a cow on a small family farm.  She occasionally escapes and gets into the garden where she likes to eat all sorts of garden plants. 

After milking, my boys bring the milk inside and strain the milk through a filter into glass half gallon jars.  We use half gallon glass jars because we’ve found that they are easier to pour from and easier to cool down.  We mark the glass jars with the day of the week the milk is from and quickly get it cooled off in the refrigerator.  She produces superior golden milk with lots of cream.

We go through great lengths to ensure our animals are healthy and we are very careful to follow good milking practices, but it doesn’t come without a cost.  Our milk isn’t cheap…but it also isn’t the same milk as the $2 milk in the store.  Two completely different products!

 I feel very blessed to be able to have such a resource and thank God that He has blessed our little farm with land flowing with milk…and hopefully one day we’ll get around to the honey part! 

We would love to help others get back to the agrarian life where real milk is considered a great blessing and whole foods off the land are prized provision from God, not to be taken lightly.  We have a long road to travel to turn our food system around, but we believe that the mega factory based industrial food system is doomed for failure.

Get to know your farmer!  All milk is not the same and you should do your research to ensure you are receiving good healthy milk! 

If your skeptical about raw milk, here are a few resources where you can find many articles about the subject:


  • Kim says:

    In the part of France we live in raw milk is readily available in the grocery stores.  But wait, it gets even better – outside one of our big supermarkets there is an actual raw milk vending machine.  You can either use bottles provided or bring your own, pop in your coins, put the bottle under the spout and fill ‘er up!

    • PaulTN says:

      That is awesome! Now there is a worthy goal for those seeking food freedom in the US. I have a dream…. a day when all people will be able to get raw milk directly from a vending machine. 🙂 I can see it now, the raw milk vending machine sitting on our little town square and folks coming from all around, to fill up their family milk jugs for the week!

  • Keri says:

    We just finally found our source for raw milk.