New Nubian Alpine Goat

Our daughter had a nice surprise out in the pasture yesterday. 

One of our goats gave birth to a very cute little mixed nubian alpine doeling, which we weren’t expecting.  The boys found the baby and thought it belonged to Mally, the goat who we have been anxiously awaiting to give birth.  They ran inside to announce that Mally had her baby!  We were all excited and jumped up from the table to go see!

We soon discovered that the baby wasn’t Mally’s and was in fact from one of our other goats — a first time momma.  


  • […] were right, our dairy goat, Mally, had twins!  Finally on Feb. 1st, she gave birth the day after the other goat had her baby!  Newborn goats are so cute!  She had one doe and one buck who have some very nice Alpine […]

  • Carmen says:

    She’s beautiful!! We hope to breed our nubian goat this next fall. Timing didn’t work out so well. She didn’t go into heat until a few weeks ago. : (

  • BethTN says:

    Well, we were completely not expecting this goat to kid… or I should say, most of us weren’t expecting her to. My husband noticed something was up with the momma goat recently, but since she hasn’t ever had a baby in over 3 years…we were thinking something was wrong with her… Evidently she just needed to be kept with the buck for longer than we thought. We have bred her before but she never took.
    The baby has the Alpine chamoisee coloring. She should make an excellent milk goat though with the Alpine and Nubian. The daddy is a black Nubian…the momma is 1/2 Alpine and 1/2 neighbor’s brush goat! She’s has the chamoisee (shamwahzay) Alpine colorings too.

  • BethTN says:

    Her ears aren’t as long as a Nubians…but that’s because she’s got the Alpine in her. Her ears are definitely floppier than the two Alpine twins though.