Milk Nazis Appeal Raw Milk Ruling

A Toast to Michael Schmidt as he continues the Good Fight.

Some governments don’t know when to stop.  Ah, but that is what we call tyranny isn’t it?  Citing that Judge “Kowarsky “erred in law” in ruling the public can opt out of provisions in the acts “through a private contractual arrangement.”” the prosecutor has decided to press the appeal in the well publicized Michael Schmidt raw milk case.  I say it is an overdeveloped sense of ego that is driving him and not a desire to “protect” people from this dangerous product.  What ever the true motive, we offer a toast to Michael for his on-going perseverance in the face of tyranny.  May we all stand as tall when we are faced with injustice.

Here are a few quotes from Megan Ogilvia at the Toronto Star.

The farmer from Durham said the appeal to the Ontario Court of Justice signals “the next stage in a serious battle” for food freedom.

“This is not about milk. This is about the respect for the individual’s right to make choices without government interference,” he said in a statement. Schmidt was handed the notice of appeal Thursday.

Kowarsky (The lower court judge) ruled the farmer does not advertise his product to the public and cited a lack of evidence that people got sick from consuming Schmidt’s dairy products.

Schmidt, 55, maintains he does not break the law by giving milk to some 200 cow-share members, who buy a portion of a cow and pay to board the animal at his Glencolton Farms. Ontario’s raw milk laws do not apply to farmers, who can legally drink their own cows’ milk.

Here are a few link round ups:

Farmer Michael Schmidt will hold a media conference on the Province’s appeal, Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 9:30am, in the Press Room, Queen’s Park

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