January 2010 Arctic South

I’m not complaining.  We love the snow in the winter time.  It’s just working in it…the frost bitten hands, layering up before chores and what the combination of mud, ice and worker boys do to my back door area.  A couple of days ago the down pour started.  It blanketed our field and animals within a matter of hours.  The boys were hustling to finish up some farm work before the storm hit.  They found themselves right in the middle of it.

Night came and brought in ice.  The ice covered everything from the trees, to the fences to the animals.  I took some pictures around the farm on my morning hike.  

All the animals seemed grumpy and unhappy.  Some of the cows had cut up their hooves from the ice.   The goats were the only ones who didn’t have icicles hanging off them.  Goats run for shelter at the first drop of rain or snow, the other animals don’t.  The sheep have a nice thick winter coat on them.  Our Katahdin sheep are beautiful hair sheep.  They do well in the heat as well as the cold. 

Here’s the new momma and her two babies who were slipping and sliding everywhere.  They are growing so fast!

Some smart chickens were nestled up in warm hay nesting boxes.  Others were covered in ice and snow.  I was beginning to think that maybe they were frozen to the coop.

While the winter is beautiful, the boys are talking an aweful lot about warmer spring weather!

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  • Carmen says:

    Aren’t goats funny? Our chickens are…well…chicken when it comes to snow or rain. And we live in northern Indiana! As the wind whips around our homestead and I pray that nothing outside snaps or breaks, I too, am dreaming of spring! Blessings!