Cou Blanc Alpine Dairy Goats

So the children were right, our dairy goat, Mally, had twins!  Finally on Feb. 1st, she gave birth the day after the other goat had her baby!  Newborn goats are so cute!  She had one doe and one buck who have some very nice Alpine colorings.  The momma and babies are called Cou Blanc Alpines which means that they have literally a “white neck” – white front quarters and black hindquarters with black or gray markings on the head. 


  • Lynn says:

    We had a goat kid born last night as well. She is currently residing in the house, since the temperature was hovering at -11 degrees !
    PS: Thanks for sending your cow-share contract, we found it very helpful.

    • PaulTN says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Glad the contracts were helpful. Sorry to be so long getting them out to you guys, the email settled down in the inbox and I lost sight of it. 🙂
      Oh, BTW – Brrrr. If we had -11 temps I’m afraid we would not have any animals left as we don’t have the facilities for that kind of weather! We are a balmy 40 degrees today and thawing out considerably, which means everything is a muddy mess! It’s a tough life for baby goats – but hopefully there will be grass showing by the end of the day (or tomorrow) for the momma’s.

  • Carmen says:

    I have never seen that breed before! They are gorgeous!!!