Monsanto Re-engages in Development of GMO Wheat

This report, by Stephanie Dearing, discusses Monsanto’s intent to re-engage in the research and production of GMO wheat:

After Monsanto announced its plan to revisit gm wheat last year, having received the support of an international farmer’s coalition, a worldwide movement opposing the yet-to-be developed grain product is growing…

Monsanto spent under $5 million developing its gm round-up ready wheat, but scrapped the product in 2004 after consumers around the world voiced their opposition to the product…

But last year… Monsanto purchased a biotech facility in Montana specifically for the purpose of developing gm wheat.  The company spent $45 million purchasing WestBred.

…Seed companies would obviously benefit from the development of a new commercial product that is accepted by consumers.  However, farmers are predicted to be benefactors of a gm wheat that is drought tolerant, because they will not experience the same level of crop losses as they would otherwise.  The key is consumer acceptance of gm grains.

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