We're Back

Ok, so why is the site moving around so much?  First we were at vaughnshire.com and then we moved to blog.vaughnshire.com, and now we moved it back to just plain O’ vaughnshire.com and to top it off we have hardly been posting at all.  Your probably wondering why we even need a blog at all if we aren’t going to post!

We had two things that happened this last year that impacted our web presence.  First we had some plans in our “church planting endeavor” that did not go as desired.  This both required physical time that we did not have in the schedule and secondly it took an emotional drain on the family.  We just didn’t have the usual spunk we needed to provide fun and exciting blog posts!  We like to think that is all behind us now and are looking forward to getting back to normal… whatever that might be with a family of 10 living on the farm.

The other event was the launch of the Cow Share Program.  We were not certain how we wanted to manage that effort on the web and initially decided to place it at vaughnshire.com.  In doing so, we messed up a lot of your links to our blog – sorry about that!  We have a new web strategy for 2010, which looks a lot like our old strategy.  Our blog will be vaughnshire.com and any thing else we do will be at a different web address.  But the exciting news is that we plan to create some additional sites on topics that we enjoy and will enjoy sharing with you.  Stay tuned for more details on that.

In the mean time, if your looking for the offical Vaughnshire Farm web site, it is located at http://farm.vaughnshire.com.  You can find all the latest info on the Cow Share Program for fresh dairy products, our beef and pork shares and anything else we produce on the farm!

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