Vaughnshire Farm Modernization Act

You will notice several changes around the farm… uhm the farm web site that is.  It’s way too cold to be making changes outside. We are updating the site and trying to keep up with the latest changes in WordPress Technology.

We have upgraded to a new theme, which I hope to write more about later. It is a fancy SEO optimized theme that does just about everything for you but wash the farm eggs. And, I’m not so certain that it doesn’t wash the eggs, I keep thinking I’ll find that option in here somewhere!

Stay tuned, we have a lot of fun announcements coming soon. You may find a little tweet about one of them here.  Of course the other thing you can do to keep up with the news is to make sure you subscribe to the Vaughnshire Feed.  We updated it as well.  Unfortunately in the transition from our self hosted feed to our new fancy Feedburner feed, we may be missing some previous subscribers.  So if you wan to make sure you are keeping up with us, join (or re-join) the feed here.


  • Brenda says:

    Could you comment on your style of homeschooling and how it fits into your typical day (if there is such a thing!). I am also wondering if all your children were “on board” with the whole farming thing when you moved.

    • PaulTN says:

      Hi Brenda,
      Sorry for the delay in responding. First the children would have beat us to the farm if we would have let them. They were young 11 and under, so it was a big adventure for them.
      I’ll try to post more on the homeschooling soon, but the short of it is that we are very relaxed and try to make the school fit into the day, rather than the day fit into the school. We like to call it Farm School. 🙂
      With the older one’s we are starting to assign more school related tasks for them to do, mostly on their own. But until they are around 12 we work on some basic foundations when it fits into the day and we live life. I think life is the best teacher and the farm provides plenty of life!
      Thanks for your question. I will try to provide some more examples of some things we do that I think will be helpful in the near future. In the mean time if you search for home school in the search box on the top right of the page, you will find some articles that give a good overview.

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