The Milk Nazis Continue Their March

“It’s not about health, it’s about control” In the furore around Home on the Range dairy, statements from Health Authorities resulted in headlines such as “Raw milk hazardous to health”. They’d … Continue Reading →

Snow Boy Walking on Ice

The kids thought this was the greatest thing.  Today they were officially able to walk, slip and slide all the way across the pond.  With the temperatures getting down into … Continue Reading →

Farm Friends Meet

May’s our sweet milk cow. She’s very curious about the new lambs that have been staying in her milking stall.  Or maybe she just wishes she could stay in the warm … Continue Reading →

Winter Ice

  The ponds have been frozen.  Not yet frozen enough to ice skate all the way across.  Although they have had some good laughs at the ducks slipping and sliding all … Continue Reading →

A Cold New Year Brings Babies

It’s cold…very cold.  The boys enjoy updating me on how cold it is outside.  It’s been below freezing for a couple of days.  We’ve had a busy first few days of … Continue Reading →