Ice Weather

We are very thankful the temperatures are supposed to be pulling up into the 40’s tomorrow!!!   We’re wondering if that is going to happen!

We’ve enjoyed the winter wonderland.  We had 3 days of snow falling from the sky last week…not accumulating much on the ground…but definitely beautiful!  We’ve had I’ve-lost-count-how-many days of below freeeeezing weather.  The icicles hanging from the rock cliffs are amazingly beautiful and the frozen ponds are a sight to behold!  My, how we enjoyed the frozen ponds.

Below freezing weather is fine for a short while, but we are so looking forward to some warmer winter weather— 30’s and 40’s would be a good start!  We love the winters and the beautiful seasons in this part of the South…

The kids enjoyed skating across the pond while I stood on the sideline worrying about cracking ice.

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