I Added Homestead Blessings and Venture Academy Links


Have you heard about Homestead Blessings?  It’s a great new DVD’s series from our friends over at Franklin Springs…and it’s all about homesteading topics!  Gardening, Herbs, Candlemaking, Breadmaking…Canning. 

Franklin Springs says about the Homestead Blessing series…… “The West ladies are back – Vicki, Jasmine, Hannah, and CeCe – in an exciting new six DVD instructional series.  Homestead Blessings is a fun-filled collection of homemaking skills presented in an educational and entertaining beautifully packaged six DVD gift set.  The southern hospitality of the West ladies will welcome you into this unique series that is encouraging to ladies of all ages and teaches valuable skills that can be applied to many homemaking endeavors.  The six DVD set includes instruction in bread making, candle making, soap making, canning, gardening, and herbs.”

I added the Homestead Blessings links on my sidebar over there ——–> Go check them out and watch the video traliers!

I also added a link to the really great Venture Academy .  If you have not seen the trailers for this DVD set…you must go over to Franklin Springs and watch them.  They are excellent.  Paul was able to attend the Venture Academy and loved every minute.  Two Thumbs UP and Highly Recommended!!!

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