Pantry 2009 End of the Year Update

The year is winding down.  It’s December and winter time.  This year I started a series called Pantry 2009 of which I had high hopes for adding more content to the site about pantry building.  I didn’t blog about all the Pantry 2009 things that I did get accomplished, but I thought I would start afresh next year with the 2010 Pantry. 

To end out the year with Pantry 2009, I did get back into some pretty serious couponing over the last 3 months after my 3 months of canning.  Couponing has helped me find an ultra frugal way of saving money but it also helps feed my large family and build my home pantry. 

Because we live out in a rural area, couponing takes a lot more planning.  I don’t just “run up to the store”.  I have been planning one day out per week, to go do my errands and couponing. 

I find it better to focus on a few stores.  My favorite store currently is Publix.  They run buy one, get one free sales weekly.  You do not have to buy two products because they actually just 1/2 the price of the product.  I can use 2 coupons on 2 products that are already half price and usually come up with some pretty sweet savings. 

Here’s an example of some of my recent savings:

Dixie paper plates were BOGO at $2.99.  (buy one, get one free)  I had 10 coupons for .50 cents off any dixie paper product.  Those coupons doubled to $1.  I used two of them on each BOGO…knocking down the price 2 packages of paper plates to .99 cents!  That was an exciting deal…but what made it even better was that the plates had peel off coupons on them that said, “When you buy 2 Dixie plates, get one package of Dixie napkins free…up to $3.50”.  So I came home with 10 packages of paper plates and 5 huge packages of napkins for less than $5.  Sweet! 

I also recently picked up free canned corn, 9 cent canned all-natural chicken broth, free sour cream, free baby wipes, free pasta, .49 cent pasta sauce, .49 cent canned milk, .49 cent frozen veggies, $4 bags of diapers and boxes and boxes of cheap tea. 

I like stocking my pantry with coupon finds.  In 2010, my plan would be to supersize these efforts and see what can happen when I seriously focus on building a 2010 pantry. 

Other upcoming 2010 Pantry Building ideas:

  • Bulk food ordering with other ladies in your community.  We’ve had a great time this year ordering apple, pears, peaches, grapes, grain, flour, oranges and grapefruit.  You can cut your grocery budget with these types of co-ops with other women.  If you can’t use a bushel of apples…you could split with a friend.  I’ve found bulk food ordering is much cheaper than even Costco!
  • Growing your own meat.  Most people are limited on their ability to grow their own meat.  But there are many options and ideas out there for those interested in supplying their freezer with a beef, pork or lamb or a combination.  If you hate shopping at the store for meat…you should seriously consider growing your own meat!  It’s so good!
  • Canning.  I finally did it!  I canned with a pressure canner this year and LOVED every moment…even if I did burn myself a time or two.  Canning is seriously addicting!


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