Middle Tennessee Agrarian life in the Fall!

In case you have been wondering where we went…we’re still here.  I amazed at how busy life is.  Fall is already here in full swing and it is absolutely amazingly gorgeous outside.  Every year, I stand in awe at the amazing painting that appears.

We have a lot of things coming up in the near future.  I have a lot to update here on the blog, but for now, here’s a brief update:

  • We have a new milk cow (new to the blog..we’ve had her a couple of months actually) that is about to have a baby any day now.  Her name is May and she has been an exciting addition to the farm.  She’s got spunk and personality plus and after our rocky start with her (she ran away the first day we got her and it took 2 days to find her), we are enjoying having her around even if she does consistently challenge the fence lines!
  • Our sheep herd is growing.  I love watching the sheep in the field.  They are a favorite around here.  They are easy to maintain and require little care.
  • The milk barn has been undergoing some work.  The boys have been trying to make it more functional.  They are trying to remove the rigged setup of bungee cords, bailing twine and tarps and replace it with a real roof that doesn’t leak or look so make-shift hillbilly.
  • Our old milk cow, Layna, is doing better than expected.  She’s well loved around here and we could all learn a thing or two from her very laid back, slow-going personality.
  • We’ve lost a lot of baby animals.  We lost our baby goats that were born this summer and some kittens too.  We’ve also lost some of our bottle fed infant cows.  Our 8 year old has been very stretched in dealing with these losses, as he has been very involved in their care and feeding every day.  He announced that he was going to go out of business if things didn’t pick up soon.  Haha!  He’s a brave boy who has been taking his job seriously.  He currently is in better spirits and has been talking about maybe getting a few more baby cows!  We are attributing a lot of the newborn/baby losses to weather related issues and being out of town when we needed to be attentive to the babies.
  • The fall garden is pitiful.  Nothing has been planted and the only thing the garden has to show for itself is dying okra trees and pepper plants that are still loaded with hot peppers.  I think we’ll focus on getting the plastic on the greenhouse and get  it ready for planting spring starter plants.
  • We just completed a wonderful apple order.  These fall apples have been delicious.  I wish I had more apples to sell, but we are out.  Next year, we will order more.  It’s inspired me to get apple trees going around here.
  • And there’s more on the horizon.  We are putting together some very exciting Webinars for those interested in family farming and agrarian living.


May with baby belly

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  • Tracy says:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your baby animals. We are looking for a buck to have our does bred to and aren’t having much success. This will the first time for us to have baby goats in the spring if this all works out.
    We are considering adding sheep to our little homestead. A friend gave me a package of ground lamb today to try. Any suggestions for a recipe??
    BTW, the back of our barn looks very “hillbilly”. It needs new siding but that isn’t in the budget so we have plastic and tarps nailed up. Worked last winter even during a horrible ice storm. 🙂
    Tracy E. in Indiana