Upcoming Fall Ramblings

Ever feel like you fell off the wagon 3 miles back and have been running behind its dust trail trying to catch back up with it?  Or feel like the mound of laundry grows to monster size proportions in seconds and you’re under it?

If you can’t multi-task in the midst of a sand storm with your eyes open…you’ll never make it out in the open country where the simple life has more complexity to it than I could have ever imagined. 

I’m still learning to go with it.  I’m learning to take a seat on the porch swing ever once in a while and let go of all the “to do’s” for just a moment. I’m learning to focus on the things we do have up and going well and conquer all the other projects in time.  We’ve got the hang of canning.  I’m knee high in all kinds of herbs making tinctures and teas.  I’m full speed ahead and running with homeschooling and we’re lovin’ it!  We’ve got a lot going on all around us and we’re hanging on for the ride!  Maybe I’m not behind, there’s just a lot going on!

Or maybe it’s the fact that I have a toddler boy who knows how to take apart the dishwasher.  Maybe that’s why I feel like I can’t keep up.  He’s on super charge without an off switch. 

When we are not chasing the boy…we’re chasing animals around.  The pigs escaped and ate my beautiful marigold border in the garden.  I’m still not happy about that and I’m going to like the sausage just fine;-) 

My next tackle project will be the Fall/Winter garden.  I’ve been working on getting the summer plants wound down although the okra has taken off and has now grown into towering okra trees and is still producing wonderfully.  I’m looking forward to lettuce, cabbage, spinach and other mixed greens!

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