The Chicken Cow Cat

Our 6 year old came in the house a few days ago with an important farm announcement concerning our barn cat. 

Missy Mouser is definitely pregnant!  She has a big round belly and is losing feathers around her teats. 

I guess that might be a sure sign to this little  farm boy who is confusing the signs of a broody hen, a milk cow and a pregnant cat.  One of the ways the boys can tell if a hen is about to go broody, or about to sit on a clutch of eggs, is when she starts to pull the feathers out of her breast to ready herself to warm the eggs.  Cats don’t pull feathers obviously but since this cat has been nursing kittens, it looks as though she has lost some of her “feather’s” on her belly.  Hopefully, her fat belly is due to the fact that she ate the rat the boys caught in the milk barn with their small rodent trap and then accidentally let go by my back door step.  I haven’t calmed down over the rat story to be able to relay that rationally yet. 

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