Working on Heart

We had just ended an exceptionally busy week, when my heart sank in thinking about all the things that didn’t get done.  The house being a wreck, the farm needing more attention than I could give it, the lack of meal planning and preparation, the backed up laundry pile..and pity me ,won’t you…I haven’t even started school yet with my children!!!!   I guess you could look at the physical things as failures.

At the end of it all, if I looked around at the physical and material…at the externals, I accomplished very little. 

The laundry grew, the dishes piled up, the dust thickened and the house spiders multiplied.  We worked on heart more than we worked on stuff.

Working on the hearts of our children isn’t accomplished by any instant, immediate or easy fix.  It takes steady patience and faithful perseverance.  It takes daily living out the example of a Godly sacrificial life before our children and being ready, ourselves, to repent often, and never quit. 

It’s always easier to focus on the externals- those fading, temporal material things and forget about the hearts of our children.  In fact, many of us measure our worth and success by those external, temporal things….the check off list, the clean house, the fading beauty, the good paying job, the A-honor roll kids.  However, the things that really matter so often are left forgotten – those lasting, eternally important heart issues whose value outweigh by far any temporal “accomplishment”. 

This year, we will learn about math…history…science…and reading….but the top priority and the main goal is working on the hearts of my children.   And if at times that means the laundry grows, the dishes pile up, the dust thickens and the house spiders multiply….may God give the grace to focus on what is truly…eternally… important…the heart’s of our children.   



  • joyful homemaker says:

    amen, sister! and this is the reason i follow your blog 🙂 you are becoming the women God purposed you to be, it is not instant and it is not easy, but you are choosing God’s best over your best! Well done! Your children will rise up and call you blessed; your husband also, and he will praise you!

  • joyful homemaker says:

    I came to the same conclusion for our homeschooling year…

  • joyful homemaker says:


  • mom2tjtnl says:

    Great post, Beth. Very encouraging. I’m praying to become better able to focus on the eternal and relax about my to-do list. Thanks for the reminder.
    Amy in AL

  • Love this post…makes me think you have been at my house the last two weeks. LOL I definitely need the reminder as well! Thanks Beth.
    Mom to 7 in MT