Pig Sitting and Delivery

This is kind of a farm update, but also a fun look at the “little things” of farm life that we over look so much of the time.  I say little things, because when we think of owning animals we think of caring for them, feeding them, etc…  But we don’t often remember that those animals had to come from somewhere and someone had to convince the critter to get in their transport wagon!

This is us delivering my sister’s hogs, yesterday.  We already unloaded the little one – the one my 8 year old could lift.  This is the one my two older sons and I lifted over the fence to place in the trailer.  Based on the way he is acting getting out you can imagine the fun we had getting him in.

Anyway, remember we are not professionals so it is OK to try this at home.

[vimeo 6185876 nolink]

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