I told you so….

If you are new to our blog, you can read about some of our snake encounters here, here and here.  Not that we particularly like snakes…I detest them…but in the country…snakes are just a part of country life… much more than I would like!   My husband and boys, however, have a fascination and respect for the “good snakes” around here that I just cannot understand.  I ran across this quote in an essay I am reading and heard a imaginary “I told you so” whispering to me in my husband’s voice: 

If the corn is low in the crib, the boys are likely to shuck carefully, keeping their eyes open for the king snake. This snake is worth ten cats as a ratter, and careful, economical farmers always throw one in their cribs if one is to be found. But not only as a ratter is he valuable. He makes war on all poisonous snakes and drives them from his presence. His invincibility is believed to be due to his knowledge of snake grass, an antidote for poison; for after bouts in which he has been bitten by venomous snakes, he has been seen to wiggle toward this grass and chew it. There is only one time of the year when he is to be avoided. He goes blind in August; and, feeling his defenseless condition, he will leg you-that is, charge and wrap his strong body about your leg, squeezing and bruising it.

Quote taken from the book:   I’ll Take My Stand:  The South and the Agrarian Tradition. 

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