Beautiful July in the garden

Thanks to a Canadian cold front, we have been enjoying some incredible weather!  It was 75 degrees today and beautiful.  We were eating supper outside tonight and it felt like spring or late September!  It was wonderful. 

In the garden in July:  My squash, zucchini and now cantaloupe are being overtaken with the squash vine borer pest.  It’s really devastating.  I’ll have to post some pictures–the good, the bad and the very ugly pest ridden plant.

But the good news is that my tomato plants are growing like jack and the bean stalk.  Tomatoes are overtaking us and I don’t even know how to can them yet.  I’m in love with the beautiful diversity and color of old fashion tomatoes!


My jalapeno pepper plants are very prolific and the green beans are coming in by the grocery sack full.  Have I mentioned how much I like gardening!  I love it….especially on 75 degree days. 

I’ll try to remember days like this next month if August hits with its full summer force. 

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  • […] Our tomatoes paid off big time as well.  I still have frozen tomatoes in my freezer waiting to be used.  We ate all the fresh tomatoes we could….and ohh boy, were they out of this world delicious!  I immensely enjoyed planting some rare heirloom varieties that gave us yellow tomatoes and beautiful yellow and red striped tomatoes!  We had enough tomatoes that I ended up feeding lots of them to the chickens and pigs as well.  Nothing went to waste and my few dollars spent on tomato seeds and plants was greatly multiplied a hundred times over! […]