Cows Shares Announced

As you have probably seen by now, we have been working on a new backend for  We are maintaining the blog for the usual family update, political rants, and … Continue Reading →

Farm Boy Work

I think it isn’t shocking to say that our culture at large has a very strong  hatred of  good honest work.  As a culture, we relish what is faster-quicker-easier…  The word … Continue Reading →

My Next Ford Truck…

…will come from this guy!  Check out the video: The official motto of his dealership is, “God, Guns, Guts, and American Pickup Trucks!” They are giving away an AK-47 with … Continue Reading →

Twins Update

Twins:  one doe and one buckling.  Doing well and finally nursing.  On my way back from checking their nursing status, I noticed Docie, another alpine girl who was due yesterday.  … Continue Reading →

Breaking News…Laboring Goat

Warning  Graphic Farm Language: Because things like this always happen to me when the husband has to leave to go to the city to earn our family some income…. This … Continue Reading →

A Question For Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Judge Sotomayor, how do you reconcile being a pro-abortion feminist and being a minority considering the views of other pro-abortion feminist such as Margaret Sanger and Justice Ginsburg? Margaret Sanger … Continue Reading →