A Food Inc. Movie Review

Here’s a Food INC. movie review from some friends of ours:
Well, we just got back from the movie. Their answers to the problem seemed to rely too much on government, interestingly the same people they place a large portion of the blame on. I have put a review on my blog here
Update from Paul:
Tony, did indeed post a great review of the movie that I was intending to comment on – but haven’t had the time.  My thought was, that it seems like Fresh, The Movie, is going to be the answer movie and Food, INC. is the movie that highlights all the trouble!
It would be great to hear if anyone else has seen either movie.  We are going to be hosting a local screen of Fresh as soon as we can make the arrangements.  We’ll let you know what we think.


  • tkonvalin says:

    Hi Paul: From what I have seen of the trailers for Fresh I would agree that Food Inc seems to be more focused on the problem with minimial, other than government internvention, answers. While Fresh may supply an answer in how one moves form the food sources we now have. I am hoping their will be a screening of Fresh in our area but not as of yet.

  • tkonvalin says:

    Hi Paul and Beth:
    We just saw FRESH and it is very good. You were correct that FRESH is the answer movie and Food Inc is problem revealing movie. Makes me want to go out and farm.
    We are hoping to show it at least once at our home but hopefully more than that. I should have a get a review up this week, I willlet you know.

  • PaulTN says:

    Tony, be sure to let us know when you post so we can link to it… or just post a link. 🙂 We watched it last week and have not had time to post about it yet – but it is great! On the other hand Food inc… is playing here this week and next, so we are hoping to go see it as well.

  • tkonvalin says:

    Hi Paul:
    Just put up the review of FRESH:http://tonykonvalin.blogspot.com/2009/07/fresh-movie-review.html.
    I look forward to your review as you and your family are in the process of doing what I am only at the moment desiring to do.
    By the way I like your new blog. Would you rather have my link to your blog go there as at the moment i have it to both places.