What about the Guernsey Cow?


We have been so busy living the life of cow owners, that we have not even taken the time to really share all the great benefits of our Guernsey milk.  Here is a quick list of recommended articles that will help explain why we passed over the dozens of Jersey cows and sought out another Guernsey to replace our last milk cow.

Here is the short list of the incredible nature of the Guernsey cow and the milk she produces. 

  1. The milk has a reformed “gene”, that strengthens reformers. 
  2. It is so rich in beta carotene that it produces fluorescent yellow butter that I’m pretty sure will glow in the dark. 
  3. It is a historic breed that I’m fairly certain was found in its current pure sinless state in the Garden of Eden. 
  4. And lastly it cures all kinds of sundry diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, autism and schizophrenia. 

OK so maybe these claim are exaggerated just a little…but the more you read about this incredible animal the less they will sound like exaggerations.  And, if you drink the milk you will know that all of the claims are true!

First I should point out that Guernsey’s are good reformed cows and drinking Guernsey milk will help you better understand doctrine.  That’s right, I know it’s hard to pin down the doctrinal beliefs of a cow, but here we have the doctrinal distinctions between Guernsey’s and Jersey’s:

During the English Civil War, Guernsey sided with Parliament, while Jersey remained Royalist. Guernsey’s decision was mainly related to the higher proportion of Calvinists and other Reformed churches, as well as Charles I’s refusal to take up the case of some Guernsey seamen who had been captured by the Barbary corsairs.

OK, so maybe it won’t actually help you with your doctrine, but hey, you have to drink something while you study.

Next of course is the great “golden” milk rich in Beta Carotene, which is what gives it that wonderful bright yellow coloring earning it the name, “Golden Guernsey”.  Check out this link  and this link for some more facts about the milk characteristics compared to other milk.

The breed itself has a colorful history that is well documented here, and here.  Pedigrees are important, even in the milk we drink.

Lastly, there really is some interesting research around the protein found in the Guernsey milk.  There are some that claim because the A2 protein found in the milk is much smaller than the A1 protein found in regular milk that Guernsey milk helps to reduce heart disease.  Other’s are studying the effects of the Guernsey milk and it’s healing effect for people with Autism.

All of this is interesting and fun to read about and to produce milk that has this kind of potential.  However, the best reason to drink Guernsey milk is because it tastes great!


  • Ourgirls says:

    You’re so right! The Guernsey milk is so much better. We live in NC so we are unable to buy raw milk here. I found a farmer that delivers to several people just over the state line in SC and was originally getting milk from him, but fortunately I have a friend living close to the NC-SC border who found a farm a little further in that has Guernseys. After my children tasted the Guernsey milk they did not want to go back to the Jersey – not even to finish what I had already bought (of course wasting that milk was out of the question). Now I make the trip every other week and it’s worth the extra 20 or so min. to get the Guernsey milk. And the butter I make off the cream is every bit as bright a yellow as margarine.

  • Tracy in Ky says:

    We love our Guernsey milk too. Our sweet cow is half Jersey/half Guernsey. Have you noticed how yellow the top of the yogurt is when you make it? Ours is neon yellow. Beautiful!
    With all the milk we’re getting, we’re feeding our little steer calf milk, and we’re looking for a feeder pig to buy. Might as well turn that good milk into beef and pork as well as cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream and alfredo sauce! ha.