Mulch Gardening

I have tried to be way more proactive in trying to control the weeds this year.  Weeds can be very discouraging as they attempt to strangle out your garden.  And since my garden is an organic garden, I don’t use any chemical sprays for weeds or bugs.  So when August comes, the heat is out, the bugs are out and the weeds are strong—gardening in those conditions can be quite discouraging. 


I planted some of my tomatoes and peppers in some black plastic row cover we found in the hay loft.  So far, these tomatoes are doing the best.  My theory is that the black plastic has warmed up the temperature around the plants and being that we are not yet into the summer…these tomatoes appreciated the warmth. 


(peppers planted in row cover plastic)

The rest of the garden is covered in layers of hay.  I have been surprised at how well the hay is working.  It is not only keeping down the weeds, but it is holding in the moisture nicely.  The garden is not completely weed free and I don’t expect it to be, however, the weeds are manageable and what weeds do pop though the hay have been very shallow rooted and easy to pull. 


I think I am not only excited about gaining the upper hand on the weeds, but I am also excited about building up my rocky soil through mulch gardening. 

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