WHOAHHHH…Slow down there….

We’re trying too.  We just realized it has been almost two weeks since we posted.  For shame.  Good thing the blog doesn’t require water or feed, doesn’t need it’s pen moved to a fresh green patch, doesn’t need a bottle or need to be milked …it just sits there and waits. 

We have lots to post!  The farm is waking up this spring.  We have plenty of fresh green grass and are enjoying watching the trees burst out new leaves.  We have quite a bit of new life around here…some of our hen’s have hatched out new chicks with new broody hens making themselves known.  The calves are growing well and we hope that they are over their newborn frail hump.  The ducks are growing rapidly in our frog pond with more tadpoles to eat than they could ask for. 

We’ll be back with some of the happenings and upcoming events around here….

Happy Spring!!!

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