MomMom's Cow

…been busy…feeding their MomMom’s (grandma’s) calf…


We have found that bottle feeding calves is sort of like bottle feeding a lamb or goat, only a baby cow is really a big animal to be so “little” , ya know, and is only going to continue to grow into a massive animal.  They drink a bigger bottle than what we used for the lambs and goats…only you have to get a good grip on the bottle  or they will knock it out of your hand–they are very strong.   They also produce a great amount of really disgusting cow slobber.  Watch out for this especially if the wind is blowing your way!  


Goats, lambs and calves have this butting instinct that they do when taking a bottle.  They forcefully hit their head into the bottle as if they were hitting the udder of their mother to get the milk to let down.  We are enjoying bottle feeding them and hope that they continue to stay strong and grow well.  We have been under a deluge so hopefully this won’t complicate things with them. 


  • Tracy in Ky says:

    Yes, those head-butts can be very strong. I’ve learned to hold the bottle out to the side of me so as not to get butted in the stomach with the bottle! ouch.

  • donnaclyde says:

    I’m looking into getting a milk cow and saw that they produce 6 gallons of milk for a good bit. Is your cow producing that much? If so, what do you do with all the extra milk?