Farm Life: Boys, Calves, and Cowboy Boots

This has to be one of my favorite elements of the farm… young men with chores.  Of course they don’t look like they are having too bad of a time.

[vimeo 4283343 nolink]



  • Great video Mr. Vaughn! I love seeing children motivated to work the farm. I would say “see y’all Sunday”, but doesn’t seem to be really…as you know I have the chickenpox.
    May God speak through you on Sunday!

    Stand firm in the faith,
    Brother Luke Austin Smith

  • BethTN says:

    When you check out the video of the kids feeding the cows..Do you hear the yelling goat in the back ground… that’s our nubian milk goat. She is standing at the gate watching the boys…wanting them to pay attention to her instead of the cows—