When you give a 3 year old a paint brush

I added a new category to our blog:  Fixin’ up the Home Place.  I hope to post several do-it-yourself projects we have done and are doing.  I have about a hundred home projects that I would like to get started on all at one time.  I am trying to pace myself.  My husband tells me that I don’t know how to relax.  I tell him I think overwhelming myself is how I relax?  I have several painting projects I have on the agenda.  Instead of buying new paint, I am being resourceful like someone living in an economic depression and searching our shed for old buckets of paint.  I found several buckets that had plenty of good paint left in them for the projects I need painted. 


Since I had a good amount of red paint, I thought I would go a bit bold and paint our weathered  porch table and chairs the cheery number.  I gave the 3 year old, 4 year old and 6 year old a paint brush, red paint and a chair. 


Since I  am an experienced mom….. I put the chair in the yard.  Our chatty 3 year old painted and painted.  She painted the chair.  She painted a birdhouse.  She painted herself….and by the end of the afternoon, somehow and no one knows how, the grey cat had been painted red.   We had red paint everywhere.  The yard and the children looked like a battle scene.  Thankfully, no one stopped by. 

After everything was half painted, the kids soaked in a soapy bath.  I am hoping to finish the porch table and chairs project as soon as the weather permits–this time during nap time.