Incubating Chicken Eggs: We have a chick!

Late last night our first chick finally hatched out of its egg.  Just in case anyone is wondering…chicks don’t immediately hatch out of their eggs.  It takes forever.  

Here’s the shell.  It has been quite fascinating for the children to see the process of taking an egg, incubating it, turning it, keeping it warm and then to watch the first cracks appear, hear the chick chirping inside the egg and then finally see the new chick appear.


The first chick is still wet and has not yet dried off.  It looks dead.  Evidently, they take a long rest after hatching before they begin to learn how to walk. 


The boys set up a chicken brooder for the chick once it is dried off. 


Here’s the chick at about 12 hours old.  It is dried off, chirping loudly and stumbling around the chicken brooder. 


There are several more eggs cracking and more chicks peeping.  The kids are watching and cheering another chick on in his final break free of his egg shell. 

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  • ourcrazyfarm says:

    What a fun time! Our chicks are due next week and we are looking forward to it! We cannot seem to get our hatch rates over 50-60%, hope yours are better. Terri