Gardening Roots

I use to think our garden spot was a big garden spot.  However, after seeing some of the gardens around here and realizing the reality of what it actually takes to produce enough food for a family..our garden spot is a measly science experiment. 

However, it is a good size for us to get busy on.  I should have been on this task long ago, but here is our start on the climbing peas. 


The kids used some hog panels to make a trellis the peas could climb up and over.  Our 11 year old boy was behind the ingenuity and functionality of the trellis.  Our 10 year old daughter was concerned about how it looked and which way it was situated.  I yelled through the windy spring weather, “Work it out!!” from the back door and watched them work out their differences and come to an agreement on the trellis.  They did. 

I am hoping to get out to the Amish community and pick up a couple of flats of cool weather vegetables this week. 

Gardening has been on my mind.  I don’t know about you, but I am constantly thinking about the garden.  Not so much about the physical 2009 garden, but the idea of the “garden” and all that it implies. 

Gardening reminds me of the past.  It brings to life the many generations of fathers and mothers before me that tilled the ground and worked the soil, just like I am teaching my children to do today.  Gardening reminds me of a time when men and women worked by the sweat of their brow and prayed for the Lord’s blessing on the fruit of the land.  It is a lost idea today:  physical labor poured into the dirt for the hopes of physical food to sustain life.   Gardening was life or death. 

Today, I am learning an overwhelming respect and awe for the simple things in this life.  A small seed sprouting into an amazing plant producing fruit for sustenance designed by the Creator of the Universe.  Truly amazing! 


My gardening thoughts are developing deep roots that I never had before.  I find myself wanting to dive into simplicity not for the sake of being simple and not because it is easy.  Anyone who has worked a garden knows that is isn’t simple or easy.  Simplicity and gardening are much more complex than I ever imagined, however the results of pursuing these old paths, considered “out-dated” paths by the  modern world, I am finding are incredibly fulfilling to the soul. 

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