Work Continues and Lessons Learned


Work continues on our green house.  It is exciting to see it take shape.  We had high hopes of getting several of these hoop green houses up before December.  I am known for saying “things take twice as long as you think and cost double what you expect”.  I try to be optimistic.  Currently, we are overjoyed that we have one almost up and going.

The good thing is that we are learning a lot of “what not to do next time” lessons.  That seems to be our forte — We know a lot about “what not to do” in a lot of areas.  I guess that is the life of beginning farmers.  It seems to be our lot lately. 

I spent a good portion of  the night laying in bed hashing over another “what not to do next time” lesson.  It pertains to baby goats who think the humans are its momma.


  • Carmen says:

    We are considering getting goats this spring. We are sure to have some moments like that, too. We plan on having a few does for milk. We’ll take them to visit the bucks when we want babies. Any tips on goat rearing? Do you use yours for milk?

  • BethTN says:

    We have lots of “what not to do” tips for raising goats…I will have to share that in a post.
    yes…we are dairy goat people— the alpines are currently being bred back (we take them to a friend who owns alpine bucks) so we will be milking full time again in the summer.

  • Collin says:

    We’re also interested in getting a few goats this spring (does, for milk). And since we’re even newer to farming and goat-raising than you are, please post those tips when you get a chance. Any and all advice is most welcome!