The Darwin Onslaught Begins

2009 is the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species“, so we can expect a regular avalance of the godless singing his praises.  Here is the first one out of the shoot that I have seen.

Reuters picked up or put out this article on the first book of 2009 to be released about Darwin, “Darwin’s Sacred Cause”.  This is a great lead off, as the book tries to make the case that it was Darwin’s anti-slavery views that lead him to his position on evolution.

A new book on Charles Darwin says a passionate hatred of slavery was fundamental to his theory of evolution, which challenged the assumption held by many at the time that blacks and whites were separate species.

This seems a strange notion to me since I recall finishing up a work last year, entitled Darwin’s Plantation that made the case that Darwin’s evolutionary ideas had their roots in racism and slavery.  The book makes a good case on the issue of evolution.  However, Charles Ware, the co-author with Ken Hamm, paints the complex life that many southerns led in the 19th century with a very broad brush in chapter 2 as he attempts to look at the roots of racism in America.  I don’t think he connected the theological roots correctly in this period of history, but the book does rightly connect racism with the humanistic, anti-God thought that makes up evolution.  Take a listen to Ken Hamm as he explains it in this interview.


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    I’m interested in hearing your view upon the recent news that Obama has decided to reverse the Global Gag Rule on funding organizations that support abortion throughout the world.