Pantry 2009: Making Apple Sauce Pictures

I have been working on getting my pantry stocked with apple sauce.  It was a nice thought, but isn’t producing the vision I had of jars and jars of yummy homemade applesauce lining my pantry shelves. 

It’s my first try.  Next time the babies will be napping before I attempt any canning. 

I have another bushel of apples sitting on my front porch that need attending.  They keep a lot better out in the cold weather, however they would have done even better had the turkey stayed off the porch and not found the box of apples.  Turkey’s like apples by the way. 

I found that I really like canning.  There is something very satisfying about taking an apple and turning it into a food you can store in your pantry.  Though this canning session proved to be a challenge, I learned a lot of “what not to do next time” lessons. 


I cooked the skinned, cut up apples down in a sauce pan with a little water.  I didn’t add any sugar.  The apples themselves had a nice sweet flavor – there wasn’t any need to mess it up. 


The apples mush up rather nicely with a potato masher. 


I boiled the jars first and then I filled them with the hot applesauce and placed the lid on.  I was paranoid about killing everyone…so I put the jars back in the boiling water to make sure they were hot enough and would seal good.  


I left them out on the counter and admired them while they cooled.  They sealed great. 


I used new lids and just washed and sterilized the jars I had.  I will be keeping my eye out for additional canning jars for future use.  Hopefully, I can get to that bushel of apples on the porch this week!


  • Meredith_in_Aus says:

    Hi Beth
    This looks great! I think you’re doing an incredible job – I don’t think I have the courage to take on as much as you. We have had bunnies this last year. Let’s just say that I’m glad they’ve survived; I’d hate for my kids to be responsible for a pet’s death due to neglect… And here you are, canning too! I hope you get to that bushel of apples before the turkey does (or they go rotten – this has happened to me more times than I care to count!).
    Anyway, could you explain to me what you use “applesauce” for? Over here we would stew the apples up until they’re soft and then use them for puddings/pies, but we wouldn’t mush them up (except for baby food), so I’m curious.
    Also, it looks like you need an apple peeler/corer machine. Aside from being handy for making applesauce, these are great for making “slinky apples.” It also means that even older preschoolers can peel and “cut” an apple up without using a knife. The slinky style really adds to the appeal (no pun intended).
    In Him
    PS Loving your pantry posts.

  • BethTN says:

    Applesauce!! Wow–this is a big favorite around here and yes–I guess it could be baby food–our baby likes it! We use applesauce as topping on our pancakes and waffles. We use it on the side for lunch. I use it in baking (you can substitute it for oil in a lot of recipes—most of the time I use it instead of oil to make brownies)
    Applesauce is great on potato pancakes (or hashbrowns).
    I like to put applesauce on tip of my cottage cheese. I also made apple butter and we have that on toast.
    Anyone else use applesauce for anything else?
    Actually I did get out a apple corer, eventually–I broke my peeler a while back and haven’t replaced it yet…but it would go faster with a peeler/corer for sure.

  • Meredith_in_Aus says:

    Well, I will certainly have to try those ideas. Pancakes, hmm. We usually go for the maple syrup or lemon & sugar, so applesauce would be an interesting change. I’m sure my husband would like applebutter. I must make some more time in the kitchen to try that out (but not right now. We have a new baby AND are in the middle of a stinking-hot summer which translates to kitchen neglect!).
    Blessings to you
    In Him

  • I love to make applesauce and applebutter. I peel all mine by hand but I have a corer/slicer that cuts out the core and slices them into eight pieces I think. A very handy contraption.

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  • […] I canned myself.  It’s easier to dream than make those dreams become reality sometimes.  I tried canning last month.  I loved it.  However, I also am smart enough to realize that I am in a very busy baby season of […]