New Record Egg Production

The amount of eggs keeps climbing….  we’re up to 54 eggs a day.  And we are all very excited about that!  For the first time, the boys are getting more white eggs from the leghorns than brown eggs from the other hens. 

They have some escapee hens, so currently the boys are working on some ways to halt the chicken run-aways.  They have noticed that certain chickens have more of an escape artist knack than others— currently the white leghorns are the biggest run-aways.  The Buffs are next.  They told me they like to call the Buffs..the “bluffs” because they pretend to be cute and nice and then run away behind your back. 

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  • owensarrows says:

    Hey! Do you have extra eggs? I could use six dozen. We have to pick up our bulk on Wed. or Friday if either of those would work for you. Email if you want to let me know if you have enough. Thanks, Lynn
    My girlfriend may need 6 dozen as well. I will check when I hear if you have any not spoken for! Thanks!