A Prophet is Not Without Honor Except in His Own Denomination

Voddie gave this prophetic message back in 2006. 

This article entitled,  “Southern Baptists fight decline“, appeared in today’s Tennessean confirming exactly what he was saying.  It is great to hear a sermon from a man of God that resonates with truth, and then to have those who disagreed initially come back to confirm the truthfulness of that message later.  God’s truth does not change, but it will change us.

Of course Roger Finke and the Rev. Rick White with their combine intellect, quoted in the article, could not come up with the correct response to the problem.  They think the answer is more of the same failed Willow Creek Church “seeker sensitive” initiatives.

Don’t fear though, Voddie, provides a clear solution to the problem.  Read through the article and then take 20 minutes to listen to Voddie’s message.


  • Miss Kelly says:

    That was and is one of the most powerful messages that we’ve heard. Just wanted to ask for the title to the article. The link doesn’t go through and I would love to read it. Thanks, Kelly

  • PaulTN says:

    Miss Kelly,

    Thanks for letting me know the link wasn’t working! I updated the post with the name of the title and rechecked the link, which appeared to be correct. Although it seems to have random connection issue. It seems to be an issue on the Tennessean site.

    The URL to the article is:

    If it doesn’t load the first time you may have to refresh the page, at least that is what I had to do… it did eventually load.

  • BethTN says:

    Kelly… You can relay our absolute enjoyment and thrill to the crew over there over Widow’s Might! We greatly enjoyed it!!!!!! Excellent–I should post a comment on John’s blog and let him know we enjoyed it–
    but your comment reminded me to tell you all—