Vote Matt Chancey Old Spice Man of the Year

gentleman.jpgI have a request. Many of you may know of a little contest going on for the selection of the Old Spice Man of the Year over at the Art of Manliness. Our good friend Matthew Chancey is one of the finalist.
Matt is the father of 8, husband of one, and a stalwart defender of the faith of Christ. If you’d be so kind as to take a quick moment to cast a vote in his favor it would be well placed.  The contest is close and it ends tomorrow, so don’t forget to vote today.
In addition, Matt’s wife, who entered him in the contest and wrote the short bio linked to above, is also the editor for Ladies Against Feminism.  LAF is sponsoring a new feature called, the “Men of Virtue” series.  Check it out and if you have a man of virtue in your life, submit an article expounding the manly traits he possesses.

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.  (1Co 16:13)

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