Vaughnshire Investment Advice

As promised, here is some investment advice for those looking for a sure thing in these troubled times.  When looking at investments, I have always found it important to understand the industry as well as the company you are investing in.  These tips are from an industry that cannot fail you… your own.
If Communism is government control of the tools of production, then what do you call it when you control the tools of production?  If I remember correctly, that is called freedom!  Here is our take on the current economy and what we think will be a wise plan for our children in the coming generations.  Teach them to produce something of value.
As the dollar falls (fails), there will be a season where nothing seems to be priced properly.  But if someone is able to produce raw materials such as wood, cut stone, or metal works they will always have an inherent value.  In much the same way, in a serious recession or even a depression, those who can produce food will be in high demand.  Consider raising chickens for eggs, cattle for meat, dairy animals for milk and even a garden.  These items have an inflated value in today’s economy which allows a profit to be made now and they will also hold their intrinsic value in a depressed economy.
Of course the one additional ingredient I would recommend for this investment vehicle is young men.  It’s hard work producing things.  This is yet another reason why people with a Christian work ethic will survive and even prosper in hard times.
With that in mind, here are the most recent investments we have made at Vaughnshire in the last quarter:

  • greenhouses.jpg 9 Greenhouses, complete with shadecloths and tons of spare metal, potting tables, etc..

  • skidloader.jpg 1 New Holland Skid Loader

  • sawmill.jpg 1 Saw Mill

  • Extra Beans and Rice (In case we don’t know what we are doing with a bunch of green houses.)

If we really wanted to break this down like the financial brokers do we could say we put 30% in food production, 40% in support infrastructure, 20% in lumber, and 10% in a safe haven investment like beans.  Ok so those numbers may have an Enron factor built in somewhere, but you get the picture.
I’ve said this before, it is not a matter of if the American economy will fall, it is falling.  The main question on the table is how it will fall.  As Christians we don’t need to walk in fear, but we do need to be wise.  We need to get rid of our debt, find honest income, and remember above all else, it is God who gives us the abilty to get wealth.

But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day.  (Deu 8:18)