Regardless of Who Wins the Election

The Match 
Elections always seem frustrating to me. It is a time where we cannot avoid seeing how far we have fallen from being a Godly nation. It is a time where we see what our leaders think of our intelligence as the electorate. In short, it is a return to the Saturday afternoon, World Wide Wrestling Federation and all the scripted action that comes with it.
(in a deep booming voice) IN THIS CORNER…. we have the Republican candidate, who hails from the red conservative states… as he enters the ring with a prolife logo on his cape, he taunts the audience about family and smaller government…. And… IN THIS CORNER, we have the Democrat contender, the master of the left and right coasts, he talks boldly of the need for change, the oppression of the poor by the unfair tax burden, and how the government is failing to do for others what they refuse to do for themselves.
The match starts, the two contenders stomp as the enter the center of the ring with great animation and exaggerated movements. They clash, they return to their corners. They clash, they return to their corners. They clash, they return to their corners. They clash and one is declared the winner. They return to their corners.
The next day they both go to the bank to deposit their earnings checks for a fight “well fought” and our nation continues down this humanistic path, that not only has forsaken God, but kicks the dust in His face as we pursue what RC Sproul Jr. has called the gospel of Personal Peace and Prosperity.
What’s the Difference 
The now old adage that there is “not a dimes worth of difference between the two candidates” has never been a more fitting epitaph.
There was one question that kept coming to mind as I watched the debates this political season (See, even our terminology confirms the event as some sports event.  Like baseball season, we have the political season. I wonder what prime time advertising sells for during the presidential debates… but, I digress) … that question, which I often wanted to scream at the moderators and anyone else who would listen is simply this. “Is this the best our nation has to offer!” My God, My God, why have you forsaken us.
I often imagine I hear His reply, “it is not I who has forsaken”.
For those who disagree and actually think that it matters if the winner wears and R or a D on his cape today, I would challenge you to point to one solid and substantial difference between the two different parties over the last four election cycles. I don’t mean in rhetoric, but action. What bill has been passed, what appointment has been made, or what lives have been saved?
Has not Planned Parenthood, received it’s government funding from our tax dollars under both parties? While the rhetoric is loud, the same number of babies die under a Republican presidency as under a Democratic presidency.
How about on the size of government spending? Has not the spending increased under each proceeding presidency regardless of the R or the D?
How about the sodomite agenda? Even though the R’s like to talk about family values, what is actually the difference between “civil unions” and “sodomite marriage”?
Of course the one that effects all who seek to have their personal prosperity, is the economy. Now I’ll admit that this may be a little trickier to understand because the economy turns in larger cycles than our election cycles. But can we agree that the economic crisis that we are currently in, did not start eight years ago? The policies and practices are those set by the Federal Reserve that has actually been consistent across both parties.
On The Road to Socialism 
So what is the over-riding ideology of our governmental system?  What path is it they are leading us down?  Is it not the dead end road of Socialism?  Look at the headlines that will be eclipsed by the election coverage.

We are giving the government more control over our lives, or I should say the government is buying more control over our lives.  As it becomes a “partner” in these corporations that provide services to us, it will have access to our lives in ways it never had before.  It is one thing to be in debt bondage to the banks, it is another to be in bondage to the bank owned and operated by your government.  What about your life insurance policy, or your investment broker? 
Many talk about the danger of socialized medicine (While we as a people at large embrace it) and yet at the same time, we have just been given a major shift in our economic system where we have socialized banking.  Yet, everyone is happy with this arrangement because the government had to come “rescue my investment/retirement account”.
At the end of this match, when we leave the wrestling ring behind and head home, we still have to live under the governmental system we have in place and we still have to answer to the God who created us. If we are shallow enough to pledge allegiance to one of the two parties, we might even claim a victory in this, yet another “no holds barred” “steel cage” “match of the century”, we might even get to ride at the front of the train if “our team” wins. We can gloat to those of the other party affiliation, that we WON!
But our shallow, self serving, fearful, actions, that grant us the perceived privilege of sitting in the front of the train are not helping to change the direction of the train. Some have said the train is going off a cliff.  I tend to believe it is on a direct course to met our maker. I fear, not trembling before men, but in a Holy fear of God, that we will learn the truth about ourselves when this nation has that encounter. The truth is we have no more depth than our leaders in the ring. We have sold our birth right of freedom and liberty for a mess of socialistic porridge that, while promising a life of great ease and wealth, will leave us in slavery.
What encouragement is there? 
So what would Jesus do, today, the day of our election?  Kevin Swanson has asked this question in a great sermon I would recommend as a opportunity for family devotion and discussion on this night.  Also I would recommend Joe Morecraft’s Election Day Sermon for your review and encouragement along with Doug Phillips great maxim for how Christians might approach the ballot box biblically.  As we remember that it is not against flesh and blood that we battle, we should know the answer to the troubled times our nation faces is not found in a man whom we might elect.  It can only be found in the unchanging God who is sovereign over the nations. 

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