Good Snake Verses Bad Snake

I know there were several folks who had doubts when I told my wife that “good snakes” eat bad snakes.  But, thanks to a good friend who has a good friend who took these pictures, I have proof!
WARNING: Not for the reptile challenged.  If you have no desire to see one snake eat another one, you should skip this post!


Bad Snake Meets Good Snake


Good Snake Decides He is Hungry


Bad Snake’s Rattle Sounds His Last “Warning”


Yum, Taste Like Chicken


Good to the Last Rattle


Now, if Only I Could Find Some Eggs for Dessert

Remember, some snakes are better than others.  But as Beth reminds me, they have all been cursed to crawl on their bellies, and are the sum of all evil.  So to call one “good” in relation to another one is a difference of degrees and not of substance.

Animal Rights Notice: Only one snake was harmed in the making of this blog post.

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